What Motivates You?

In one of the first posts I talked about the importance in finding your motivation to make positive changes and be well.  For this post I thought I would reflect on that some more and give you some ideas for motivation of your own.  One of the messages I want to convey is rather than look at a singular issue, you should find a variety of reasons to get and stay motivated.

When evaluating any major life change, one of the common tools that is used is to write down all the pros and cons down on a list and weigh them out.  You may even assign additional value to certain items on the list based on their importance to you.  I have found this tool to be effective when contemplating a job change or other important life decisions.

So why not try it out when looking at making a positive life change?  I would not be truthful if I said that this is exactly what I did to kickstart my journey, but in my case I did do some serious thinking about the benefits to changing my lifestyle and the new challenges of breaking the old habits.

So give it a try and see what you come up with!


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