Start Small

“Success can be measured in the smallest of increments” is a saying that I like to use.  Success is a matter of perspective, so it is important to set goals that can be realistically achieved.  Meeting and achieving your goals will only lead to further efforts to challenge yourself even more by setting a long term goal.

One of the first things I did when I was ready to get started was to identify a few simple changes that could make an impact on getting back in shape.  The areas I identified was getting back into the gym, start running again, trying to be active everyday and to make smarter choices about the foods I ate.  I also had a goal of losing 5 pounds over the first 30 days.

I have to admit there were tough times where I either didn’t want to work out or ended up not having the time to do so.  But I also realized how easy it can be to make excuses for yourself and to tell yourself “there’s always tomorrow.”  Sure there is tomorrow, but there also can be no excuses for today.  I needed to get over the complacency I had with not being active and not eating right.  After the first two weeks of being persistent I found myself looking forward to the next time I would go to the gym.  Fast forward a few months to today, I now plan how to be active everyday into my schedule.  Most importantly, I have no need for excuses because I truly enjoy being active everyday.

You see it all the time, people that go on crash diets only to crash and burn out within a matter of days.  Or how January 1st you can’t find a parking spot at the gym, but a month later it is back to where things were before those people made and broke their New Years resolutions.  So how can you be different?

Last time we talked about how you needed to find your motivation to get started.  Now focus on setting a few realistic goals that you can achieve over the next thirty days.  We’re not planning to lose 25+ pounds and we’re not going on a diet consisting only of goji berries and tree bark.  Instead, try to lose 3-5 pounds this month or try to cut out refined sugars or alcohol from your diet.  OK so maybe the alcohol one isn’t easily achievable this month, but it might be after a few months of realizing that the once impossible is now possible if you put your mind to it.

So start somewhere, but start small.

Most importantly, NO EXCUSES!


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